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Top 5 causes of spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury is a severe form of physical trauma. Damage to your spinal cord can significantly impact your daily life for years to come. Your spinal cord consists of crucial nerves and tissues. If they are injured, you may experience paralysis, loss of bladder control or impairment in sexual function.

How do these injuries happen? Spinal cord injuries are often a consequence of some type of accident or act of violence. Read below to learn about some common causes of spinal cord injuries.

A deadly mix: Rain and fog on California roads

It is still one of the most horrific, deadliest multi-vehicle wrecks in California highway history. As winter drew near in November of 2007, more than 108 cars, trucks and motorcycles piled into each other on a stretch of Highway 99, south of Fresno. Two people died and 41 more were treated for injuries at the scene or in local hospitals as the result of the carnage. While it was eventually determined that a drunk driver started the crash, it was a heavy mixture of winter rain and dense fog that was to blame for so many drivers getting involved. Even while firefighers and rescue workers arrived at the front of the scene, they could hear more cars crash into the rear ends of other vehicles, nearly a quarter mile away.

Winter fog is a serious matter on California roads

While California roads are typically dry most months of the year, winter months between November and February can be treachurous. On stretches of roads in higher elevations, the sun isn't likely to dry off the precipitation and communities can stay socked in by dense fog for days. In Costa Mesa and other crowded communities in the Los Angeles metro area, weather-related accidents increase greatly as distracted, inattentive and buzzed drivers lose their bearings and decrease their reaction time. Injury accidents ranging from fender-bender whiplash to head-on collisions causing catastrophic injuries and death become a common occurance.

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