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3 signs of brain injury after a bicycle accident in Costa Mesa

Southern California is famous for its wonderful sunny weather, making it an ideal location for cycling enthusiasts. However, despite the perfect environment for cycling, a busy urban environment is a serious hazard for anyone riding a bike.

Accidents can occur, and when they do, the cyclist can suffer anything from a minor injury to a major head trauma. While minor injuries can heal relatively easily, head traumas can leave lasting and permanent damage. The following is a list of three common signs of brain injury after a bicycle accident.

1. Loss of consciousness

Any time a head injury leads to lost consciousness, the risk for brain injury is present. The length of time a person is unconscious, or more severely, in a coma, affects the severity of the injury and the possibility for recovery. Many cyclists can lose consciousness after getting hit by a motor vehicle. Sometimes, people can be in a coma for weeks and still make a full recovery.

2. Memory loss and disorientation

Another sign of a brain injury after a head trauma is some form of memory loss, especially of the time leading up to the accident or immediately following. Disorientation or confusion can also result from a head injury. A doctor can examine these symptoms to determine whether they are signs of a brain injury as a result of a cycling accident.

3. Severe headaches and dizziness

Severe headaches and dizziness are two other signs of a potential brain injury from a head trauma. When a person suffers a head trauma, a common result is a concussion. A concussion occurs when the brain is shaken inside the skull. 

A common way cyclists suffer brain injuries is after a collision with a motor vehicle. The injuries that can result from such a crash can be truly devastating. In the event you or someone you love suffers a traumatic head injury due to the fault or negligence of a motor vehicle driver, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney to assess your case and build a strategy for appropriate compensation.



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