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August 2019 Archives

The Trump administration wants to let truckers drive longer hours

If the Trump Administration gets its way, truck drivers in California and across the U.S. will be able to work longer shifts. However, the National Transportation Safety Board says that truck driver fatigue is a major hazard on U.S. roads.

Tips to avoid distracted driving

Drivers in California and elsewhere are more distracted than ever before, and more car accidents are happening as a result. In 2017, at least 3,166 people were killed in distracted driving car crashes across the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, there are several things drivers can do to help reduce their risk of becoming distracted while behind the wheel.

Relaxing trucker drive-time rules a threat to public safety

The current presidential administration has expressed support for loosening the current restrictions governing commercial trucker drive times. While doing so would signal a win for the trucking industry, it could threaten public safety. Supporters of the proposed changes contend that it would give more control back to truck drivers and trucking companies, but safety advocates argue that deregulating the industry would lead to an increase in truck crashes.

Passenger airbag defect leads to recall of 144,000 Audi vehicles

Residents of California who drive an Audi vehicle will want to see if they are affected by a certain recall that the automaker announced in August 2019. A little more than 144,000 Audi vehicles are being recalled for a defect in the front-seat passenger airbag.

The legality of dashcams

Most people have seen at least one video of a crazy incident caught on a police officer's dashcam. This is a video recorder put on the dashboard of a vehicle, but many people wonder if it is legal to have one in a civilian vehicle. The answer is "yes," and dashcams come in handy in numerous circumstances. 

Untreated sleep apnea puts truckers at risk

With trucking being such a high-stress industry, it's important that truckers get a sufficient amount of rest each night. Unfortunately, many truckers have a condition called obstructive sleep apnea, which, if left untreated, makes them five times more likely to crash than drivers who received treatment. California residents should know that between 17% and 28% of the 1.87 million nonfarming commercial truckers have at least a mild form of obstructive sleep apnea.

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