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Did a low-speed crash leave you with serious injuries?

Far too many people drive like they own the California roadways. They seem to have a complete disregard for their own safety and the safety of those around them. You may come across numerous drivers whizzing by and think to yourself why anyone would attempt to drive that fast. After all, speeding contributes to numerous car crashes every year, many of which are fatal.

Still, not all car accidents take place at high speeds, and even low-speed collisions can still cause serious injuries to those involved. You may have experienced this firsthand after recently being involved in a crash caused by another driver.

Damage to the vehicle, damage to the body

Typically, when car accidents take place at low speeds, like under 10 mph, the damage to a vehicle is not severe. After all, cars, trucks and SUVs are made of tough stuff, and manufacturers usually try to create vehicles that can withstand substantial impacts. However, even though your car may not suffer significant damage in a low-speed crash, your body is another story.

Certainly, your body is made of tough stuff too, but not like that of your vehicle. So even though the other driver may assume that little damage occurred because your car or the other person's car has little damage, you may have suffered serious injuries in the incident for which that driver could be liable.

Low-speed injuries

The injuries you suffered in the incident may not have shown themselves immediately. Delayed symptoms are not uncommon after crashes, and symptoms of the injuries that result from a low-speed collision could show up days or even weeks after the incident itself. Some common low-speed injuries include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: A blow to the head in a low-speed crash could easily cause a brain injury that greatly affects your life.
  • Whiplash: Though many people may think of whiplash as a minor injury, it can actually have serious effects and contribute to other injuries, including nerve damage.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Sprains, tears and strains of muscles, ligaments, tendons and your skin could occur in a low-speed crash.

Whatever injuries you suffered in the incident, you likely experienced pain, loss of certain abilities (even if temporarily), lost wages from missed work, significant medical bills and other damages. Fortunately, you have legal options for seeking compensation from the driver considered at fault, and looking into personal injury civil claims may be in your interests.

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