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July 2020 Archives

What makes trucking accidents so serious?

One reason a crash with a large truck may be more serious than another type of crash is that the sheer size and weight of the truck is so much larger than that of a passenger vehicle. Moreover, truck accidents are more common than you might expect, based on their representation on the road.

Could in-vehicle alcohol detection systems reduce drunk driving?

The world is quickly changing, with more and more safety technology available every year. One item that may find its way into cars relatively soon is the in-vehicle alcohol detection system.

What safety devices protect you best on the road?

Every year, we see changes and improvements in auto safety. New technology promises to reduce the risk of car crashes by helping us stay in our lanes, spot upcoming trouble, and taking evasive action or stopping the car entirely. Fully-automated driving technology is on the horizon, which might reduce the number and severity of crashes by a great deal.

Don't assume your semi-automated driving system is 'hands free'

For decades, we've heard about the autopilot on airplanes. It takes off, cruises, corrects the pilot and lands the plane safely. It virtually takes over for the pilot -- although no one has yet suggested allowing planes to fly without pilots.

Speeding has meant extra tragedy over the last few months

You've probably heard the anecdotes of speeders taking over cities where people are in lockdown. It is true that the lockdowns have led to unprecedented levels of free traffic. Generally, we would expect fewer drivers on the road to mean fewer car crashes. Have speeders on quieter roads created a dangerous situation?

Heading out on the roads after lockdown? A few safety tips

Whenever you're driving, you should be sober, wearing a seat belt and attentive. Everyone in your car should be belted in or using the correct car seat or booster seat. You should always avoid distractions, keep your eyes on the road and get enough sleep.

Are you at extra risk in a crash if you drive a convertible?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) looked into the question. It makes sense that you would be at some additional risk when riding in a convertible vs. a hard-top vehicle. The roof structure appears quite flimsy, doesn't it?

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