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California has a high rate of bicyclist deaths

As one of the largest, most populous states in the nation, California provides ample opportunities for bicyclists to suffer injuries in accidents. The Golden State is also known for its favorable weather year-round, so there is not really such a thing as an off-season for biking. As one of the many Californians who enjoys the exercise and fresh air of a bicycle ride, you should also understand the dangers you face each time you ride near traffic.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents

If you feel nervous anytime you have to share the road with a commercial truck, you are not alone. Regrettably, when cars and semitrucks collide, cars are frequently on the losing end, and given how substantial a role commercial trucks play in modern business and commerce, the risks are unlikely to subside anytime soon.

3 examples of defective construction equipment

There are a high number of accidents and injuries on construction sites. While employer negligence and simple mistakes contribute to some of these incidents, defective machinery, products and tools also play a big role. If a crane, forklift or nail gun malfunctions, serious injuries may occur. 

The criminal traffic offense that can endanger your life

You may have already had this experience at least once in your life. You honked your horn or accidentally cut someone off, and the other person reacted aggressively. Maybe the other driver flipped you off, began tailgating you or swerved into traffic to cut you off in retaliation.

Live to ride – but understand the common motorcycle hazards

There is nothing more exciting for a motorcyclist than the feeling of speed and freedom as the highway miles fly by. This is the time of year that you and other California motorcyclists get the itch to go on long road trips and feel the wind on your face. However, before you pack your gear, you should understand the many risks you face on the road from other drivers.

Top 5 causes of spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury is a severe form of physical trauma. Damage to your spinal cord can significantly impact your daily life for years to come. Your spinal cord consists of crucial nerves and tissues. If they are injured, you may experience paralysis, loss of bladder control or impairment in sexual function.

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