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Top 5 causes of spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | Blog |

A spinal cord injury is a severe form of physical trauma. Damage to your spinal cord can significantly impact your daily life for years to come. Your spinal cord consists of crucial nerves and tissues. If they are injured, you may experience paralysis, loss of bladder control or impairment in sexual function.

How do these injuries happen? Spinal cord injuries are often a consequence of some type of accident or act of violence. Read below to learn about some common causes of spinal cord injuries.

1. Car and motorcycle accidents

According to Mayo Clinic, motor vehicle accidents are the leading reason for spinal cord injuries. In fact, these collisions account for more than 35 percent of spinal cord injuries every year.

2. Violent acts

Approximately 15 percent of injuries to the spinal cord happen because of acts of violence. These mostly consist of knife and gunshot wounds.

3. Slip, trip and falls accidents

Falling accounts for more than 25 percent of all spinal cord injuries but is even more common in people ages 65 and older. Falls can occur because of surfaces that are slippery or obstructed.

4. Recreation and sport injuries

Athletic activities cause roughly 9 percent of injuries to the spinal cord. These activities include impact sports, diving into shallow water, winter sports and surfing.

5. Diseases

Various medical problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer may result in spinal cord damage.

So now that you know about some of the main reasons for spinal cord injuries, how do you know if you have one? Some common symptoms include trouble walking, losing control of the bowels or bladder, numbness in the arms or legs, headaches, unconsciousness or pressure, pain or stiffness in the neck or back. If you experience any of the above accidents and notice any of these symptoms, you should get medical attention immediately and consider potential legal action to get compensation.

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