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Injuries from a motorcycle accident can need extensive treatment

Though you enjoy riding your motorcycle whenever possible, you knew that you faced the risk of being involved in an accident. Anyone operating any type of motor vehicle faces this risk, but motorcyclists like you face a more significant chance of suffering serious injuries in the event of a crash.

You may have considered yourself lucky for years because you went without an accident. Unfortunately, your luck recently changed, and another driver caused an accident that left you with serious injuries. Though you feel grateful that you survived the incident, you may still have a difficult time ahead as you work to recover from the injuries.

California introduces new laws in 2020

Those who use California roads and highways will be subject to new laws that took effect on the first day of 2020. For example, those who ride their bike on a roadway may be able to go straight through an intersection even if they are in a turn lane. This is true if the lane allows a person to either go straight or make a left or right turn.

In another law change, it may be possible for those who obtain a license to collect certain types of animals that are killed in traffic accidents. The pilot program would allow licensed individuals to obtain deer, elk and wild pig meat for the purposes of consuming it. In addition, starting in 2020, passengers will no longer be able to use marijuana while riding in a bus, limo or camper. However, they will still be able to consume alcohol while riding as a passenger in these types of vehicles.

New law lets bicyclists go straight in turn lane

Bicyclists in California are allowed to travel straight from a right or left-turn lane, thanks to a bill that was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 4. AB 1266 was aimed at helping bicyclists stay safer at busy intersections by allowing them to proceed straight without the need to change lanes.

Bicyclists traveling in busy areas sometimes encounter bike lanes that end right before an intersection and become a right- or left-turn lane. Before AB 1266, bicyclists that wanted to go straight through these intersections had to change lanes to enter the go-straight lane. Once they were through the intersection, they then had to change lanes again in order to get back into the bike lane.

Safety systems in newer vehicles may cause distractions

California residents may be interested in learning about a study showing that some of the systems that are designed to make cars safer are actually leading to distracted driving and potentially putting drivers in danger. Popular features like adaptive cruise control may cause drivers to drop their guard while driving.

These technologies were designed to help make people safer. However, they can cause some drivers to put too much trust in the system according to studies released by the AAA Foundation. Part of the problem may stem from the fact that drivers do not thoroughly understand automation systems. They may put too much faith in the systems, believing that the technology can take the place of a human driver.

Did a low-speed crash leave you with serious injuries?

Far too many people drive like they own the California roadways. They seem to have a complete disregard for their own safety and the safety of those around them. You may come across numerous drivers whizzing by and think to yourself why anyone would attempt to drive that fast. After all, speeding contributes to numerous car crashes every year, many of which are fatal.

Still, not all car accidents take place at high speeds, and even low-speed collisions can still cause serious injuries to those involved. You may have experienced this firsthand after recently being involved in a crash caused by another driver.

Three common causes of truck crashes per the LTCCS

California drivers should know about the Large Truck Crash Causation Study. This is a 2007 study that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration undertook over the course of 33 months to find out the most common causes of highway accidents, especially those involving large trucks. Error on the trucker's part was behind 44% of crashes between one truck and one passenger vehicle.

The LTCCS reveals three common errors among truckers. Twenty-three percent of truck crashes arose because truckers were speeding. This includes cases where truckers exceeded the speed limit as well as cases where they drove too fast for road, weather or traffic conditions. According to the FMCSA, one should reduce speed by at least a third on wet roads and by at least half on snow-packed roads.

An unexpected death can cause unexpected burdens

No one wants to unexpectedly lose a loved one. Even if a person passes peacefully from natural causes, it can still be immensely difficult for a family to process. Unfortunately, the situation may be even more challenging if the death occurred due to an accident caused by another person.

Car accidents are common causes of unexpected fatalities. You may have had a family member on his or her way home from work, the grocery store or running another errand only for that loved one to end up in a serious car crash caused by another person. Sadly, your loved one suffered injuries that proved fatal.

Drowsy driving causes thousands of fatalities each year

Many people in California work long hours and make long commutes in their cars. However, someone who is struggling to stay awake while driving to or from work would be better off pulling over and taking a nap. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drowsy drivers cause 6,400 fatal motor vehicle crashes that occur every year in the United States.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently conducted its Sleep Prioritization Survey and found that 45% of Americans have driven while drowsy. Like drunk driving, drowsy driving can cause impairment and delayed reaction time. Drowsy drivers may nod off in the middle of traffic, drift into the next lane or fail to recognize important road signs. If a driver notices that they are yawning frequently, having trouble keeping their eyes open or forgetting portions of their trip, it could be time to pull over.

How to prevent a jackknife accident

Jackknifing on California roads can lead to serious injuries for drivers as well as a loss of cargo. However, there are steps that a driver can take to prevent this from taking place. It is important to inspect a trailer while driving to ensure that it is not swaying or swinging. It is also important to not brake too hard when a trailer is either empty or lighter than normal.

This is because brake systems are designed to work best when a trailer is full. Furthermore, heavier trailers have greater traction with the road, which reduces the chances of an accident occurring. Drivers who need to slow their vehicles should do so while on flat stretches of highway as opposed to when they are coming into bends in the road. It is also easier to avoid hard braking events by observing a safe speed and following distance from other vehicles.

Opioid use may be connected to many fatal two-car crashes

Though recent years have seen fewer opioid prescriptions being written, there seems to be evidence of an increase in opioid-related car crashes. In 1993, 2% of all crash initiators in California and across the U.S. were found with opioids in their systems, but in 2016, that percentage had risen to 7.1%.

It's widely known that opioids cause psychomotor and cognitive impairment. Those who use the drug for chronic pain may not be affected as much because they develop a tolerance over time, but people who use them for acute injuries will certainly experience impairment. This includes dizziness and drowsiness, which are symptoms that are dangerous for any driver.

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