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Experience With Many Types Of Injuries

Car crashes and other types of accidents can cause injuries that alter your entire life. You may find yourself needing treatment, surgeries and rehabilitation. You may be unable to perform the same tasks you used to do with ease. If you have suffered catastrophic injuries, Morey & Upton, LLP, is here for you.

Aside from the physical difficulties, you will also face huge medical bills for your treatment. You deserve to be compensated. Our attorneys have decades of experience obtaining compensation to cover our clients’ medical bills and recovery. Getting the maximum amount possible is necessary when your injuries are so severe. That is our goal when you come to us.

Common types of catastrophic injury cases that we have handled include:

Many clients do not realize the extent of their injuries because the actual damage is not visible. TBIs can slowly worsen without the victim realizing it. You should always get medical attention after a car accident or other damaging incident.

Injuries to the spine are life-altering. They can cause paralysis and a need for long-term medical treatment. We can help you with a long-term solution. Your claim can cover not only current bills, but future needs as well.

Severe burns often require extensive treatment and surgery. Costs add up quickly, and it is imperative to strive toward obtaining maximum compensation to pay for present and future damages.

Consult A Skilled Lawyer About Your Injuries

We have successfully served clients in a variety of serious injury cases and we understand the process for seeking maximum compensation. To set up a free consultation, contact us online or call 800-360-6646.

Our office is in Costa Mesa, and we work with clients in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and those located throughout the state of California.

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