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Common causes of burn injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Injuries |

Personal injuries range from traumatic brain injuries to medical errors. One type that easily can fall under the radar is burns. A burn may seem commonplace or not as serious as other bodily harm, but it can have lasting consequences beyond just scarring. Second- and third-degree burns can lead to infections, bone and joint issues, loss of fluid, development of too much scar tissue and other health problems.

Burns can occur anywhere, as well. Most happen at home or in the workplace, but they can also happen at public places such as restaurants or beaches. With the risk everywhere you go, it is important to know common causes to both prevent a burn injury and know when you have a personal injury claim against a negligent party.

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Car crashes can cause all types of injuries, and one of them is burns from a flaming vehicle or skin contact with the road (friction burn).
  • Hot liquids: Burns from hot drinks may receive the most media attention, but hot tap water is the number one culprit, reveals Stanford Children’s Health. The majority of these injuries are avoidable.
  • Electricity: Electrical currents can burn everyone from those in the construction injury to someone handling Christmas lights.
  • Fire: Fire is common everywhere all year round in the form of candles, campfires, cigarettes, matches, grills, fireplaces and gas stoves. House fires increase during the holidays, as well, due to more risk factors.
  • Appliances: Direct contact with hot surfaces on appliances such as ovens and curling irons is another common cause.
  • Sun exposure: People who work in the sunshine without sufficient protection can receive severe sunburns, as well as experience heat stroke.

Do not take a burn accident lightly. It can have just as significant impact on your life as any other personal injury by affecting your ability to work, racking up medical bills and causing pain and suffering.

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