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External air bags are a promising new technology

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Drivers and passengers in a motor vehicle could be made safer by the presence of an external airbag. According to manufacturer ZF, this product could reduce the severity of injuries experienced in a car accident by 40 percent. Those on California roads and others in America could be kept safer because the air bag would work as an extra crumple zone. In essence, it would be like adding a pillow to the outside of the vehicle.

The product could be customized to fit on a given car or truck. It would work by using radar, lidar and cameras to gather information about its surroundings. If a collision was detected, the bag would inflate in about 15 milliseconds, which is roughly the same amount of time as a traditional air bag. The only problem for those who want an external air bag is that they won’t be available for several years.

This is because there is no guarantee yet that an external air bag will not go off when it is not supposed to. From an engineering standpoint, this may be harder to perfect when compared to other predictive technology used on seat belts and suspension systems. It will likely take continued advances in lidar and radar technology before the product can be trusted for use on new cars.

After a car accident, an individual may be dealing with a variety of injuries. It may be worthwhile to contact Costa Mesa auto accident injury lawyers to learn more about a person’s rights after a crash. An attorney may be able to explain the types of damages available as well as how a statute of limitations may impact a case. Individuals might be entitled to compensation for current and future medical bills as well as lost future earnings.

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