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How to prove emotional distress after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

You have to consider many expenses after an auto accident. Five people had to go to the hospital after a car crash in Orange County a few months ago, and those people need to seek compensation for their medical expenses.

Another expense people may need to receive compensation for after a car accident involves emotional distress. This can be difficult to prove after a collision. With physical injuries, a doctor’s report will say precisely what is wrong with a person and what treatments will help. Emotional distress is not as easy to quantify, even though it can linger much longer than physical symptoms. This process involves a few vital components to help someone suffering emotionally after a car accident and trying to get the damages they deserve.

Make note of any physical problems

Emotional distress occasionally manifests itself in physical forms. For example, many people develop ulcers after going through significant emotional distress. Other symptoms can include stomach aches, constant headaches and frequent nausea. You will still need to go to a doctor to prove these symptoms. A doctor will make a note that you suffered from ulcers for several weeks after a collision, which can provide a clear link between the crash and your health problems. You will need great professional medical records to prove your case in court.

Determine the intensity of trauma

Even if no physical symptoms are present, a person may still be able to prove he or she had emotional distress. Many people develop post-traumatic stress disorder following an accident. It is also possible for a person to develop depression and anxiety, even when she or he did not have any of those symptoms afterward. You may need to see a therapist to show you now suffer from psychological problems in the aftermath. On your own, you need to keep track of how long these symptoms persist.

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