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Tips to avoid distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Drivers in California and elsewhere are more distracted than ever before, and more car accidents are happening as a result. In 2017, at least 3,166 people were killed in distracted driving car crashes across the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, there are several things drivers can do to help reduce their risk of becoming distracted while behind the wheel.

According to safety experts, it’s a good idea for drivers to limit the number of passengers in their vehicle and ask those who are riding with them to keep their noise to a minimum. This will help reduce the amount of in-vehicle distractions that a driver is exposed to. It’s also important for drivers to turn off their cellphone or put it in “Do Not Disturb” mode when they get behind the wheel. Even conversations on a hands-free device can distract drivers enough to miss traffic signals or pedestrians crossing the road, leading to a serious accident.

In addition, drivers should not consume food in their vehicles. Not only is eating a distracting activity, but dealing with food wrappers and spills can easily cause drivers to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. Finally, drivers should remember to never drive while feeling drowsy. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can impair drivers as much as alcohol consumption and lead to devastating crashes. Drivers who start experiencing constant yawning, heavy eyelids, concentration problems or memory lapses should pull over as soon as possible and take a nap.

Costa Mesa auto accident injury lawyers may be able to help victims of distracted driving crashes recover compensation for their losses. After reviewing the case, a lawyer may prepare a personal injury claim on the victim’s behalf and push for the maximum settlement amount possible.

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