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Survey: Most drivers use phones behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

California drivers of all ages continue to drive while using their phones to send texts and emails or browse the internet. Despite widespread campaigns highlighting the dangers of distracted driving, people continue to take their minds and eyes off the road in order to pay attention to their smartphones. A survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance highlighted that drivers across the country consider themselves to be safe drivers while engaging in unsafe behaviors. Almost all respondents to the Multi-National Distracted Driving Survey, 98%, said that they consider themselves to be safe drivers. At the same time, they admitted to a number of unsafe activities. Almost half of the respondents regularly admitted driving while distracted.

Over two-thirds of all respondents said that they had used their phones while driving to text, check emails or use apps. Distracted driving has been implicated in many severe car crashes that have caused injuries or even deaths, but the proliferation of technology makes it difficult for people to disconnect while driving. A full 86% of millennial drivers said that they used their phones behind the wheel. While younger drivers were more likely to drive while texting or surfing, they were far from alone. Drivers in all generations were likely to use their phones while behind the wheel.

Even technologies designed to prevent phone use behind the wheel can be a source of distraction. Infotainment systems that connect to mobile phones with voice controls can still divert people’s attention from the road as drivers work to operate the systems rather than paying attention to surrounding traffic.

Distracted driving continues to pose a major threat to roadway safety despite high levels of awareness of the associated dangers. People who have been injured because of another driver’s negligence may consult with Costa Mesa auto accident injury lawyers about pursuing compensation for their damages.

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