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An unexpected death can cause unexpected burdens

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

No one wants to unexpectedly lose a loved one. Even if a person passes peacefully from natural causes, it can still be immensely difficult for a family to process. Unfortunately, the situation may be even more challenging if the death occurred due to an accident caused by another person.

Car accidents are common causes of unexpected fatalities. You may have had a family member on his or her way home from work, the grocery store or running another errand only for that loved one to end up in a serious car crash caused by another person. Sadly, your loved one suffered injuries that proved fatal.

Grief and obligation

At first, you may not have believed the news that someone else’s recklessness or negligence resulted in the loss of your loved one’s life. You may have had to go to the hospital to identify his or her body or experienced other similar and possibly traumatic events. Though you may understandably want the world to stand still while you grieve, you know that this desire will not happen.

If the deceased individual was your spouse or another close family member, the job of notifying other loved ones may fall to you. You may dread this task as it can be emotionally draining having to break such terrible news and listen to the shock and dismay of other family members.

Planning a funeral

In many cases, people who pass unexpectedly did not create funeral plans. As a result, you may also have to determine what arrangements to make for your loved one’s funeral, and you could also face financial burdens from handling this unexpected expense.

In fact, this expense may have you wondering how you will handle other expenses stemming from the accident itself, like the hospital bills, and you may also wonder how you will handle household expenses without the income of your loved one.

Seeking compensation

If another person caused the fatal accident that claimed your loved one’s life, you may want to consider filing a wrongful death claim against that person. This type of civil legal action could allow you to pursue compensation for financial losses, pain and suffering, and other damages permitted under California law. If you would like to determine whether this type of action could suit your circumstances, you will want to consult with an experienced attorney.

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