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Why do some cars pose more threat to cyclists than others?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

If you are out cycling and a car hits you, the odds you escape without injury are low. How much harm you suffer comes down to several factors.

Speed is one. The faster the car is going, the greater the impact force. That is why it is crucial that areas with lots of cyclists and pedestrians have reduced speed limits. However, drivers can always choose to reduce their speed when they see you on a bike or give you extra space when passing to avoid any chance of contact.

Aside from speed, the most crucial factor is the size and design of the car. Unfortunately, sales figures suggest that trends are heading in the wrong direction for cyclist safety.

SUVs continue to gain an increasing market share, with manufacturers selling twice as many SUVs as sedans in the U.S. in 2020. What’s worse is that they keep getting larger, and the fronts keep getting higher.

Where a vehicle hits you is crucial

If the front of a vehicle hits you below the waist, you have a far better chance of survival than if it hits you above the waist. The height of modern SUVs means they will hit you in your vital organs and, in some cases, your head, doing massive damage if not killing you outright.

Few people need to drive such a big vehicle. It is a choice, albeit one influenced by manufacturers who prefer to sell big cars because they can charge more and make more profit.

If someone in an SUV hits you, you need to understand how to claim the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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