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Can your brain heal from an injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Some level of recovery is possible after a brain injury. For instance, if you’re struck by a car while you’re out for a jog and you suffer a concussion, the symptoms will probably just last for a few days or slightly over a week.

But what if the injury is more substantial? What if there is actual physical damage and it’s classified as a traumatic brain injury? You may be facing all sorts of challenges, some of them cognitive and others physical. Can your brain heal from this sort of thing and will you recover?

Healing is very problematic

There are those who say that a damaged brain does not heal. And, to some degree, this is very true. Other parts of your body heal by regenerating cells. Essentially, the cells can divide and create new cells of the same type. But brain cells cannot do this, so severe injuries that have killed specific cells are not going to heal when these cells regenerate. They are simply lost.

This doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. In some cases, people can learn new skills and help their brain develop new neural pathways. This means that the brain finds other cells and other paths that it can use to re-create the skills you previously possessed. From your perspective as a patient, this may feel like you are healing and recovering. It is different than something like healing from a broken arm, but the right medical treatment can make a big difference.

Unfortunately, the costs of a brain injury can be astronomical, especially when utilizing high-end medical treatment. Be sure you know how to seek compensation.

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