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Symptoms of hidden injuries after an auto accident

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Knowing the damage to your car after an auto accident should only be a fraction of your worry when it’s highly likely you’re suffering from injuries. That feeling that you’re fine after an accident is likely just adrenaline from the crash. You may not realize this now, but there are likely subtle signs that you experience medical complications. 

Hidden injuries are all too common after vehicle accidents. Read on to see what symptoms you may be experiencing:

Faintness, dizziness and headaches

In a collision, your head and neck will likely be tossed around and slammed against the car seat and airbag. All this rapid movement can leave you disoriented, but, normally, these symptoms should fade away. However, if you’re experiencing prolonged faintness, dizziness, migraine or headaches then you could be suffering from a concussion, brain trauma or whiplash.

Back pain, soreness and weakness

Seatbelts help prevent people from flying forward in an accident, one of the best safety features in a vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it’ll reduce all of the momentum from a collision. You could likely suffer from some kind of contusion from your seatbelt, leaving behind a bruise and aching pain. However, if you find the pain continues or it’s become harder to move, then you could be suffering from a fracture, herniated disc or pulled muscle. 

No matter how you initially feel, you should always seek medical attention after a collision. After receiving the proper care, you may find yourself in need of legal help to recover from medical bills.

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