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3 situations that may put fault on a truck loading company

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

If you are involved in a truck accident, different parties may be at fault. This is because many reasons can lead to such an accident, from negligence of the driver to that of companies involved, including loaders. 

Most trucking companies work with professional loaders because they are experienced and have the necessary tools to load and unload cargo. However, if their mistake causes an accident, the loading company may be held liable. 

Below are three such mistakes:


A loading company should consider a truck’s weight limit to avoid overloading it. However, in most cases, a loader may be aware of this but can estimate the cargo’s weight and size incorrectly. 

Loaders should double-check these numbers to prevent incorrect readings. Even though it’s time-consuming, doing so ensures safe loading.

Improper loading

Heavy items should be loaded at the bottom, and lighter ones on the top. Further, weight should be distributed on the truck. For instance, placing more weight in front of the axle can prevent the truck’s wheels from being misaligned. But one side should not be significantly heavier than the other. Thus, loaders need to know the weight of each cargo to make the right moves.

The method used to load also depends on the cargo type. For example, liquids have different loading standards than solids.

Improperly secured cargo

After loading, cargo should be properly secured to keep it in place while in transit. Cargo that’s improperly secured can shift, putting the truck off balance. This can increase the chances of a driver losing control over the vehicle.

A loading company may be at fault for a truck accident. If you are injured in such an accident, you should learn more about your case to fight for the maximum compensation you can receive. 

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