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2 investments that can reduce harm caused by motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | May 12, 2023 | Motorcycle crashes |

Motorcycles are efficient, but they are somewhat dangerous when compared to other types of motor vehicles. Although the people who ride motorcycles usually need extra training and license endorsements, if they get into a crash, they are at elevated risk of severe injury. Motorcycles don’t provide much protection from the force of a wreck.

Obviously, maintaining a bike in good condition and keeping one’s skills up-to-date are both important for someone’s safety when they ride on a motorcycle. Motorcycle owners may also need to consider the two investments below as a means of reducing their risk of injuries if a collision occurs.

High-quality safety and visibility gear

Wearing the right gear when on a motorcycle can change someone’s personal risk levels and also potentially save their life if a crash does occur. Although black is often the standard color choice for gear from helmets to boots, safety experts increasingly recommend brightly-colored gear as a means of potentially protecting motorcycle riders from me mistakes made by others in traffic. Anything that draws the attention of other motorists could potentially prevent a wreck. Having a helmet in good condition and other gear that fits and offers physical protection can also make a major difference in someone’s overall injuries and chances of a full recovery after a crash.

Extra motorcycle insurance coverage

Motorcycle riders in California typically have to carry the same insurance as anyone else, which means basic liability coverage. California law mandates $5,000 in property damage coverage and variable levels of battery injury coverage. Motorcyclists can carry as little as $15,000 in bodily injury coverage in case they hurt one person and $30,000 for crashes that hurt two or more people. Motorcycle riders may want to add uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to their policies, which can help supplement the compensation available through the other driver’s insurance after a crash.

Additional coverage can protect someone from lost wages and medical bills that insurance should cover but won’t because of low policy limits. Adding coverage to an existing motorcycle insurance policy often won’t increase the final premium by much and can drastically enhance what protection someone has in the event of a wreck.

Making thoughtful investments before a crash and knowing the steps in the event of a motorcycle collision can benefit riders and their families alike.

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