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How someone’s serious crash injuries can affect their family

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Auto Accident Injuries |

The bills start piling up immediately after a major California car crash. The more serious someone’s injuries are, the more costly the medical bills that they will have following a collision. They may require emergency transportation to the hospital, surgery and other emergency trauma care.

They will obviously miss work for at least as long as they are in the hospital, and there will also be expenses related to the transportation and repair of the vehicle damaged in the crash. Trying to cover those massive expenses at the same time the family loses a stream of income can seem impossible.

Families often focus so much on the direct economic expenses generated by a serious car crash injury that they fail to fully consider the major secondary consequences that such a collision may inspire for the family. How could someone’s car crash injuries cause indirect economic challenges for their family?

They may not be able to help around the house

Every adult in the household likely contributes quite a bit of unpaid labor to the family. They may take care of children, manage the household schedule, grocery shop, cook and clean. People also maintain outdoor spaces and vehicles for their families. Depending on the role that someone fulfills for the family, the cost of hiring professionals to fulfill their household applications could be well over $100,000. Figuring out what services someone can no longer perform for their family and establishing a value for that uncompensated work can be an important part of an injury claim following a serious car crash.

They may require ongoing support

Someone with a spinal cord injury, brain injury or amputation from a car crash may struggle to live independently. In some cases, they may require regular medical support from family members. This could either force someone in their household to leave their job or to make career development less of a priority because their demands in the home are so significant. Additionally, there can be significant expenses involved in making both homes and vehicles accessible for somebody with mobility limitations.

Understanding the secondary expenses families have to absorb after someone suffers a catastrophic injury may make it easier to properly handle an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit after a crash in California.

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