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How certain tools put construction workers at risk of injury

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Defective Products & Machinery |

Many of the tools commonly used at construction sites help reduce the manual labor involved in a project. Nail guns decrease repetitive stress on someone’s arms and shoulders, while drills could help prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome from using screwdrivers for hours. Companies save on labor costs and reduce repetitive-use injuries when their workers use power tools instead of manual tools for projects.

As a result, some employers provide power tools for workers. Some businesses rent tools from outside suppliers for individual projects, and others require that employees bring some of their own gear to construction sites. Whatever approach a company uses, there is always the risk that the tools intended to save a worker from unnecessary labor could put their physical well-being at risk.

Power tools can have electrical issues

Power tools are at risk of a number of different defects depending on their use, but there is an issue that impacts any tool powered by electricity. One of the most common reasons that manufacturers selling power tools like reciprocating saws and impact drivers recall their products is an issue with the wiring.

Small errors during the manufacturing process could lead to an increased risk of electrical shorts. Tools may spontaneously fail, catch fire or shock the person using them. Sometimes, it will be a design error, rather than a manual factoring defect, that will lead to the failure of a power tool on a construction site.

Such product defects can cause injuries in an assortment of ways. Obviously, workers can get hurt through exposure to electricity or burns caused by a product that catches on fire. Workers could also end up hurt if they drop a tool. They could cut themselves or injure someone working at a lower elevation.

Unfortunately, many minor electrical defects with products caused by design issues or bad production batches do not lead to an immediate recall. Professionals can end up hurt on the job because of unsafe tools. Although injured construction workers may have the option of filing a workers’ compensation claim, they may also have the option of filing a lawsuit.

Pursuing a product defect lawsuit against a manufacturer or a retailer could help compensate injured construction workers for medical costs and lost wages in the event that any kind of defect results in work-related harm.

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