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February 2018 Archives

Study shows more car crash deaths around 4/20 holiday

Since the early '90s, April 20 has been a self-proclaimed holiday for many marijuana users in California and the rest of the U.S. Though recreational marijuana is legal in this state, many are not aware that the drug can impair driving skills. This is true elsewhere: a 2016 survey, for example, showed that half of pot smokers in Colorado thought it was safe to drive while being high.

3 examples of defective construction equipment

There are a high number of accidents and injuries on construction sites. While employer negligence and simple mistakes contribute to some of these incidents, defective machinery, products and tools also play a big role. If a crane, forklift or nail gun malfunctions, serious injuries may occur. 

The criminal traffic offense that can endanger your life

You may have already had this experience at least once in your life. You honked your horn or accidentally cut someone off, and the other person reacted aggressively. Maybe the other driver flipped you off, began tailgating you or swerved into traffic to cut you off in retaliation.

Sleepy drivers the subject of new AAA study

Though drivers in California are probably aware that drowsy driving is a danger, they may not know that the less sleep people get, the more their behavior behind the wheel can mimic those of drunk drivers. Fatigue is an especially recurrent factor in transit accidents as bus and taxi drivers and train conductors may become overworked.

Live to ride – but understand the common motorcycle hazards

There is nothing more exciting for a motorcyclist than the feeling of speed and freedom as the highway miles fly by. This is the time of year that you and other California motorcyclists get the itch to go on long road trips and feel the wind on your face. However, before you pack your gear, you should understand the many risks you face on the road from other drivers.

Improperly loaded freight puts motorists at risk

Most of the freight moving across California makes at least part of its journey by truck. How all that cargo is loaded could be putting occupants of other vehicles at risk. Improperly loaded freight is a major public hazard and often a contributing factor in big rig accidents.

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