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3 examples of defective construction equipment

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Blog |

There are a high number of accidents and injuries on construction sites. While employer negligence and simple mistakes contribute to some of these incidents, defective machinery, products and tools also play a big role. If a crane, forklift or nail gun malfunctions, serious injuries may occur. 

Construction equipment must meet high standards of design and manufacturing to be safe. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stringent regulations for health and safety in the construction industry. Unfortunately, those standards are not always met. Here are some examples of defective construction equipment and the injuries they cause. 

1. Dangerous cranes

Many crane accidents happen because of missing or malfunctioning components. Hoists, rigging devices or cranes themselves may be defective. If a crane does not have safety latches, an electrical disconnect switch or proper load capacity, even an expert crane operator may experience a tragic accident. 

2. Faulty forklifts

Almost every construction site has a forklift. Forklifts are useful for transporting heavy loads without much physical effort. While these machines help prevent back injuries by eliminating the need for heavy lifting, they can cause accidents when they are defective. If a forklift does not have a proper overhead guard, backrest extension or restraint systems, an accident can easily happen. 

3. Defective nail guns

Many workers may use a nail gun during construction projects. These are convenient tools for quickly making nails penetrate deeply into wood. Unfortunately, according to Home Depot, nail guns may become defective. When the mechanism that prevents nails from shooting out like a bullet fails, punctures and severe wounds can ensue.

These tools and pieces of equipment provide convenience to the construction industry, but they can be dangerous. Even when workers take the proper safety measures, they can experience an accident because of manufacturer defects. Those who sustain an injury because of a faulty construction product should consider taking legal action.

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