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Distracted driving is more common than people think

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Many California drivers have been guilty of driving while distracted. When people think about someone driving while distracted, one of the first things that they think about is driving while using their cellphone or some other form of technology. It’s true that the vast majority of driving accidents that happen because of distracted driving are related to the use of mobile phones or technology, but there are a number of non-technological distractions that drivers face daily.

A driver may be struggling to control a pet in the car, discipline their children or eat food while they are driving and cause car accidents. A sleepy driver may nod off while driving or roll down the window and turn their head away from the road just for a second to try to stay awake and cause an accident.

The National Safety Council states that every day, around nine people die in the United States, and around 100 are injured because of accidents stemming from driving while distracted. It’s understandable that automobile manufacturers are interested in taking steps to minimize these types of deaths and injuries. Some automobile manufacturers are using a combination of artificial intelligence and visual intelligence to monitor what is going on inside of the automobile with the hopes of predicting distracted behavior that could lead to accidents.

A challenge that automobile manufacturers face is creating a warning system that drivers won’t ignore. Typical warning systems that use noise are often ignored by drivers. Those behind the wheel start to perceive it as background noise in the same way that most people ignore car alarms that go off in the street. Some manufacturers are considering creating alarms that use a mixture of audible and visual cues, such as changing the color of the dashboard, raising or lowering the sound of the radio, or using other noises when a driver is distracted.

Distracted drivers can cause accidents that lead to their victims experiencing personal injury. If an individual was injured by a distracted driver, they may be due compensation for their injuries. Costa Mesa auto accident injury lawyers may be able to work with clients to help them get the compensation they are due.

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