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What are common hazards motorcyclists face?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2024 | Motorcycle crashes |

Motorcyclists have the ability to see the world from an open road, but that openness comes at a cost. These individuals have a much higher chance of being injured or dying because of crashes than motorists protected by the walls of their cars do.

Anyone who’s on the road must understand the hazards that motorcyclists face. While there are many they may encounter, these are some of the more common concerns that must be kept in mind.

Other motorists

Other motorists are a primary hazard because they don’t always remain vigilant about watching for these low-profile vehicles. It’s easy for hazards, particularly items on the side of the road at intersections, to block motorcycles.

Another issue with other drivers is that their vehicles are so large and heavy when compared to motorcycles, that they can easily crush the motorcyclist. Because they don’t have the protection of the frame of a vehicle around them, motorcyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries even in what would seem like a minor crash.

Hazardous roadways

Hazardous roadways, such as roads filled with potholes and those with a lot of loose gravel, can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Anyone on a motorcycle should keep a close eye on what the road conditions are in front of them so they can avoid anything that might be dangerous.

Grass clippings

Grass clippings can lead to catastrophic crashes for motorcyclists. People cutting grass may think it’s harmless to blow the clippings into the road, but if those clippings become wet at all, they become as slick as ice. This is true even if they’re only damp from dew.

Once those grass clippings become slippery, they make it difficult for the motorcyclist to keep control if they have to drive over them. Motorcyclists may have to make a difficult, split-second decision about driving over these or trying to dodge them. If they choose to dodge them, there’s a chance they may veer into another traffic lane, which can lead to a crash.

Any injured motorcyclist should ensure they get the medical care they need. They may opt to pursue a compensation claim from the negligent party that caused the crash. This is their opportunity to try to recover expenses, such as medical care and missed wages, associated with the crash. Getting help from a legal representative may make the process easier.

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