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3 ways motorcycle riders are at an a disadvantage after a crash

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Motorcycle crashes |

Motor vehicle collisions are never a positive experience, but they can be much more serious issues for some people as opposed to others. There are thousands of motorcycles on the California roads, and most riders are very safety-oriented.

Despite the efforts they may make to ensure that they are visible to others in traffic and that they comply with all state laws, motorcycle riders can still end up hurt and crashes caused by other drivers. After a crash, motorcycle riders may find themselves at a disadvantage.

The lack of physical protection

A motorcycle does very little to shield the human body in the event of a crash. They can absorb some of the force of impact, but the rider is largely exposed. Motorcycle riders may not be conscious or capable of communicating with police officers and others at the scene of a crash because of the injuries they sustain. They may also require emergency transportation to a nearby medical facility. That could mean that the motorcycle rider isn’t even present when the police officer arrives to put together a crash report. Motorcycle riders are there for at risk of both serious injury and being unable to provide input about the crash initially.

Inadequate insurance protection

What California requires in liability insurance is not nearly enough to offset the risk of a motorcycle collision. Drivers with state-compliant insurance policies might have just $5,000 in property damage coverage and $15,000 in bodily injury coverage. A motorcyclist might not be able to repair their vehicle, and they might also be at risk of having uncovered medical bills. Motorcycle riders might need to take personal injury claims to civil court to secure appropriate compensation after a crash.

Social bias

People of all backgrounds and professions enjoy motorcycles. As previously noted, most motorcycle riders are responsible and prioritize their safety on every ride. Unfortunately, the social perception of motorcyclists is different from reality. Motorcycle riders might have an uphill battle when talking with police officers or pursuing a claim in civil court.

Those involved in motorcycle collisions often need assistance when pursuing compensation afterward. Having the right support can make compensation more accessible for motorcycle riders injured due to the conduct of others.

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