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Important steps to take following a hit and run

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Hit and runs happen far too frequently. One cyclist in Costa Mesa recently fell victim to a hit and run driver. Fortunately, thanks to involvement from the local community, police were able to arrest the suspect.

While this particular incident resulted in an arrest, many hit-and-run accidents do not have the same kind of luck. It can be challenging to find the perpetrator of the accident, and that is why the victims of such occurrences need to follow these steps immediately after a collision:

Report the hit and run

Your safety is the highest priority after an accident. You need to get in touch with emergency personnel to take you to the hospital. The police will also come out to the scene to document the collision. This report will serve as a valuable resource in court.

Document any information you have

You should write down the other driver’s license plate number if you had a chance to see it. If you could not see the number, then you should write down any other details you have about the other vehicle. The make, model and color can help the police immensely. You may have been too caught up in the collision to remember any details, which is why you should speak with other people in the area to see if they caught anything. Other details you need to recall include where you were, the weather and road conditions.

Contact your auto insurance provider

Once you have seen a doctor, you want to reach out to your insurance company to inform a representative that an accident has occurred. Some insurance policies cover damages resulting from a hit and run accident. Your insurance provider may ask for a copy of the police statement as well as any pictures you took of the vehicle damage. All this information helps the cops attempt to track down the culprit.

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