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Ford recall for steering wheel, clutch issues

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Defective Products & Machinery |

California drivers who drive some Lincoln MKZ or Ford Fusion cars from the years 2014 through 2018 may have had their vehicles recalled. The issue in some vehicles is loosening steering wheel bolts. Drivers could lose control of their vehicles if the steering wheel detaches from the column.

Ford believes that the defect has already caused two accidents and one injury. The faulty bolt can be replaced by dealers who will use a longer bolt with stronger threads. A nylon patch can then hold them in place.

The total number of cars involved in the recall is nearly 1.4 million. About 1.3 million of those are in the United States while the remainder are in Mexico and Canada. Another 6,000 cars are being recalled by Ford for an issue with a clutch pressure plate fracture that might be a fire hazard. These are certain 2013 to 2016 Ford Focus vehicles and certain Ford Fusions from 2013 to 2015.

A person who is injured by a defective auto part or other device might want to have representation from a Costa Mesa defective product and machinery legal representation. An attorney can advise the client of what recourse might be available. The company that manufactured the defective product might be liable and could be responsible for paying the victim’s medical expenses. This will depend in part upon how aware the company was of the potential for injury and whether the company was negligent in manufacturing or testing the product or in warning the public about danger associated with it. The company might offer a settlement, or there could be a lawsuit.

Source: CNBC, “Ford recalls nearly 1.4 million cars, steering wheel can come loose”, March 14, 2018

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