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4 holiday driving hazards

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries |

If you are driving to visit family this holiday season, be careful. The roads can be dangerous during this time of year. Obtained from the National Safety Council, here is the number of people who died in car accidents on major holidays in 2015:

  • Thanksgiving: 386
  • New Year: 355
  • Christmas: 273

But why are the holidays so dangerous for motorists? Here are some common holiday driving hazards that cause auto collisions.

1. Rain, snow and ice

Here in Southern California, we can be thankful that we do not need to deal with snow or ice. However, rain can cause dangerous driving conditions and send people into a panic. If you are traveling to a place where it snows, you must be extra diligent about driving safely.

2. Drunk drivers

People often consume alcohol or even drugs at year-end celebrations, parties and dinners. This results in an uptick in impaired motorists on the roadways. Watch out for red flags of intoxicated motorists as you drive during the winter holidays. Restrict your night-time driving as much as possible to avoid drunk motorists.

3. Distracted drivers

Distractions can be deadly. Holiday road trips come with a variety of factors that may take a driver’s attention off the road. There could be motorists sending holiday greetings to family, friends or co-workers via text message. Maybe other motorists are updating their family on their arrival time. Other people may check store hours on their phones while driving. Any kind of distraction can put you and others in peril.

4. Aggressive drivers

It is no secret that the holidays often come with an increase in stress. Individuals may face anxiety because of massive to-do lists or financial pressures. Some people may also be in a rush to finish holiday shopping or reach their holiday destinations. These stressors may cause some motorists to drive too fast, make aggressive lane changes or even give in to road rage.

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