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Brake inspection week sidelines nearly 5,000 commercial trucks

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

In September, inspectors with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance performed brake inspections on over 35,000 commercial trucks and trailers. The mass inspection was a part of the group’s Brake Safety Week. The result of the safety week showed room for improvement within the trucking industry. Just over 14 percent of the inspected truckers, including many in California, were put out of service for brake violations.

The CVSA is a consortium of state and local inspectors, trucking companies and federal agencies with the purpose of improving safety within the trucking industry. Its membership extends into Canada and Mexico. The Brake Safety Week is a planned event with prior notice given to operators of commercial trucks and buses.

More than 26,000 tractor units and 17,000 trailers were checked during the week. It included vehicles and trailers with both hydraulic and air brake systems, including those with antilock braking assistance. Those deemed defective were placed out of service until proper repairs were made. A similar mass inspection was performed last year and found about the same percentage of systems as defective.

Brake violations were also a top concern during the CVSA’s summer inspection blitz. In June, the CVSA performed general inspections on over 65,000 trucks and trailers. Of those who failed, 28 percent of the failures were due to faulty brakes.

Large truck accidents continue to constitute a significant percentage of highway accidents. When a large commercial truck is involved, the risk of a fatality increases. That’s why trucking equipment needs to be inspected regularly and thoroughly. An injured truck accident victim should consider retaining a personal injury attorney experienced with commercial truck rules, regulations and safety procedures. The attorney could review all applicable records to determine if faulty equipment caused or contributed to the crash.

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