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What are the most common causes of car accident fatalities?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Your main goal while driving is to get to your destination safely. Unfortunately, accidents can occur when you least expect them. Some car crashes are more severe than others. The seriousness of auto wrecks depends partially on the cause.

There is a study from the Auto Insurance Center that details the certain things that cause more deadly accidents than others. Here is an overview of the top reasons for fatal car crashes in the United States.

Drunk driving

Of course, driving while impaired is dangerous. Impaired driving is the number one reason why drivers, passengers and pedestrians die in motor vehicle collisions. Most drunk driving deaths occur in rural areas.


It makes sense that driving over the speed limit is risky, but you may not realize how deadly it is. Similarly to driving under the influence of alcohol, most speeding collisions happen in thinly populated locations.

Bad weather

Make sure you check the forecast before you drive since inclement conditions are one of the main reasons for fatal accidents. Just because you are in California does not mean you are safe from this hazard either. Even rain, fog and strong winds can have deadly implications.

Reckless driving

People who drive with disregard of safety put people like you at risk of suffering serious harm. Careless behaviors that may constitute reckless driving include excessively speeding, eluding police officers, racing other vehicles or passing a car when visibility is limited.

Road rage

Another major factor in fatal car accidents is aggressive and violent behavior. Some examples of road rage include running other vehicles off the road, hitting other vehicles or engaging in a physical fight after pulling over.

There are numerous reasons people die in auto accidents, but these statistics show some of the most prevalent causes. Always keep an eye out for negligent motorists so you can stay safe.

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