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Study reveals that distracted driving is becoming more common

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Most California drivers would probably agree that being distracted behind the wheel is dangerous. However, using electronic devices while driving has become second nature for many people. This has led to many serious collisions across the nation.

Auto insurer Root Insurance recently commissioned a study that is quite revealing when it comes to the number of people who drive while distracted. Almost half of the respondents said that one of their biggest concerns when on the road is distracted driving. However, the same individuals say that they spend about 90 minutes each week using their mobile devices while driving. This includes sending text messages, engaging in social media or even streaming videos while driving.

The interesting thing is that almost 90% of these drivers do not tolerate other distracted drivers. They said that they would give a bad rating to an Uber or Lyft driver if they saw them using their mobile devices. Another concern is drivers who do not keep their hands on the wheel while driving. Some use their knees or chin to drive while they play with a pet, do their hair, shave or change their clothing. It is clear that more needs to be done to help drivers stay focused while on the road.

An individual who has been the victim of an accident that was caused by a distracted driver may wish to speak with a lawyer. A personal injury attorney could provide advice on how a victim could recover medical expenses, lost wages and other accident-related damages. The lawyer might even represent their client in court if necessary.

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