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Lack of training may lead truckers to tamper with safety tech

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

The annual meeting of the Technology & Maintenance Council took place in Atlanta, and there was a safety systems seminar held by the regional director of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. What he had to say may be of interest to truckers and truck fleet owners in California because it addresses a growing trend. Truckers are starting to disable or manipulate the safety tech that has been installed in their vehicles.

Many individuals are getting ideas from YouTube videos. For instance, truckers are disconnecting the in-cab camera by cutting its wires or simply sliding a business card behind it. They are disabling the steering-angle sensor. Individuals unplug speakers and plug them back in before they return to the shop. People are removing the cover of the radar and putting aluminum foil on it to disable the radar. There were cases of truckers pushing the button of the lane departure switch and sticking paper in it.

The speaker said that truckers have not had the technology properly introduced to them. Technicians oftentimes do not know what to do about it either. This is why truck fleet owners should ensure adequate training. When drivers have a complaint about a safety device, they should be heard, and the technician should troubleshoot and repair the issue.

Unfortunately, even though many trucking companies invest in these safety devices, they may still find themselves facing claims from the victims of truck crashes. Victims, for their part, may want to visit a Costa Mesa truck accident injury compensation law firm before they decide to file a claim. A lawyer may hire investigators to demonstrate how a trucker was negligent, and medical experts may determine the extent of the victim’s injuries and the costs relating to their treatment. Victims may leave all negotiations to their attorney.

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