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The implications of 3 common pedestrian injuries

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

From motor vehicles to bicycles, the risk to pedestrians is high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported almost 130,000 pedestrian injuries in one year alone where a crash or collision occurred.

While no incident is the same, most people in these accidents sustain injuries that fall into one of three categories. Each of these types has its own long-term complications and can affect your life in vastly different ways.

1. Head trauma

While many automobile passengers experience head trauma following a car accident, pedestrians can be just as much at risk. Traumatic brain injuries occur when your head strikes an unforgiving surface. During a collision with a car or bike, this can happen from simply falling to the ground on impact.

The problem with head injuries is that many victims do not immediately seek medical attention. This can cause severe complications, including seizures, loss of function or even death. An evaluation from a professional and a quick diagnosis is key to recovery.

2. Bone fractures

Bone breaks may be less severe than brain injuries, but they can still affect your life for a lengthy period of time. Fractures to the arms or legs can decrease mobility and make it difficult to complete basic daily tasks. It may mean a temporary loss of independence and an inability to work.

Depending on the nature of the injury, you may be out of commission for several months. Not every employer can accommodate your condition, and you may find yourself without a steady income for the duration. Even though these injuries are rarely life-threatening, they can make life more difficult in the ensuing months.

3. Spinal cord injuries

If you injure your spinal cord in a pedestrian-auto accident, the outcome may be devastating. Two forms of paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia, can cause permanent damage that completely changes the way you live your life. You may require home care assistance, and you may even have to rethink your line of work.

The unfortunate reality is that your life can be completely altered after one brief walk down the street. If a car, motorcycle or bicycle collides with you, immediate examination and treatment can help you prepare for what is ahead.

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