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Brake Safety Week takes aim at commercial trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will conduct Brake Safety Week in California and across North America Sept. 15-21. During the initiative, CVSA officials will inspect commercial trucks and other vehicles to ensure they are free of critical brake violations.

For this year’s event, inspectors will place special emphasis on brake hoses and tubing. While these components are already included in the North American Standard Inspection Program, the organization wants to make sure truck drivers and trucking companies recognize their importance to vehicle and road safety. To pass inspection, brake hoses and tubing must be properly attached, appropriately flexible and free from damage and leaks. Vehicles that are found to have critical brake safety violations will be pulled from service until repairs are made. Meanwhile, truckers who pass the inspection can get a CVSA decal.

CVSA reports that 45% of all out-of-service vehicle violations handed down during the organization’s 2018 International Roadcheck initiative involved brake issues. In addition, brake violations made up six of the top 20 most commonly cited violations for large trucks and buses in 2017, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Brake Safety Week is intended to reduce the risk of commercial vehicle accidents involving brake issues and improve highway safety across North America. It is sponsored by CVSA, FMCSA and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

A truck accident injury compensation law firm could help someone who has been injured in a truck crash caused by faulty brakes. Legal counsel could gather police reports and other evidence to prove that the truck was poorly maintained. If successful, the suit could help the victim obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property loss and more.

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