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The legality of dashcams

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Most people have seen at least one video of a crazy incident caught on a police officer’s dashcam. This is a video recorder put on the dashboard of a vehicle, but many people wonder if it is legal to have one in a civilian vehicle. The answer is “yes,” and dashcams come in handy in numerous circumstances.

One person’s dashcam caught a Tesla hitting a couple crossing an intersection in San Francisco. This footage will inevitably serve as evidence in the eventual claim, and it serves as a reminder of how everyone could benefit from installing one in their cars. If you end up in a car crash, having dashcam footage can help you immensely.

Where can you place a dashcam

Although it is legal for civilian vehicles to have dashcams, there are limitations. This dashcam needs to be far away from the deployment area of the airbag. Otherwise, it would serve as a hazard to the people inside the car. Additionally, the dashcam cannot be larger than seven square inches in size if you place it in the lower right-hand corner of the dash. It cannot be any larger than five square inches if you want it in the upper center location of the windshield.

Drivers should make a point of informing passengers of the presence of a dashcam and that anything they say will be recorded. This is particularly important for Uber drivers who should not infringe on people’s rights to privacy.

Reasons for undergoing a dashcam installation

There are many reasons why you would need a dashcam. For parents, it can be useful to monitor their teens’ driving habits to make sure they stay safe. However, the primary reason to install one is to be ready in the event of a car accident. One major issue with car accident claims is that insurance companies can only go off of both drivers’ words. With a dashcam, there is physical evidence that can help you if you are not the one at fault.

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