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New law lets bicyclists go straight in turn lane

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Bicyclists in California are allowed to travel straight from a right or left-turn lane, thanks to a bill that was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 4. AB 1266 was aimed at helping bicyclists stay safer at busy intersections by allowing them to proceed straight without the need to change lanes.

Bicyclists traveling in busy areas sometimes encounter bike lanes that end right before an intersection and become a right- or left-turn lane. Before AB 1266, bicyclists that wanted to go straight through these intersections had to change lanes to enter the go-straight lane. Once they were through the intersection, they then had to change lanes again in order to get back into the bike lane.

AB 1266 has taken away the requirement for bicyclists to change lanes at intersections, and they can now continue traveling straight even when the bike lane markings end. According to Gov. Newsom, AB 1266 will make the roads safer for everyone and save lives. He also said that Caltrans would be required to develop a new standard for lane striping, regulatory signs and pavement markings so that the bill could be implemented.

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