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Are you experiencing these post-collision symptoms?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2020 | Auto Accident Injuries |

When you get behind the wheel to drive in California, you expect to safely arrive at your destination. Of course, you understand that there’s always a personal injury risk while traveling by motor vehicle or even on foot as a pedestrian. However, knowing that every driver is legally obliged to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations gives you confidence that, if you stay alert and cautious at the wheel, you’ll increase your chances of avoiding collision.

In a perfect world, that’s how things would turn out every time you travel. In reality, any number of issues may arise that place you at risk while driving. If a collision occurs, it’s especially important to closely monitor your condition in the hours and days that follow the accident. It is also critical to understand that some injuries may not be immediately apparent, such as those affecting your brain.

Is it a headache or a brain injury?

When you’re involved in a motor vehicle collision, it can be emotionally upsetting. It’s understandable you might not feel well afterward, including an upset stomach or a headache. However, these symptoms can also signify traumatic brain injury, so it’s always best to seek immediate medical attention if you’re not feeling well.

Can you see clearly?

A traumatic brain injury might cause vision disturbances to occur. If you were recently in a car accident and are having trouble seeing clearly, it’s wise to report your symptoms to your primary care physician or to return to the emergency room, if needed.

Additional symptoms that warrant medical care

After being in a motor vehicle collision, you might have trouble sleeping or not have an appetite. Especially if you suffered bruises, whiplash or other injuries, the road to recovery can be slow and challenging. Traumatic brain injuries, however, also produce symptoms like these, which is why it’s so important to stay closely connected to your medical team.

If you feel unsteady when you walk, have facial or jaw pain, nausea, confusion or head pain, you may have an underlying brain injury that was not immediately apparent after the accident.

Achieving as full a recovery as possible

You might be lucky enough to recuperate and return to work in a week or so after suffering minor injuries in a collision. On the other hand, if your injuries are moderate to severe, physical recovery can take a lot longer.

If you’re struggling emotionally, financially or physically after a car accident, there are people in your community who can lend support. Especially if you suspect a brain injury, the sooner you get the care you need, the better.

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