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Long-term consequences of auto accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

A car accident can leave victims with serious injuries that result in serious medical bills. These medical bills can wind up costing thousands of dollars, but they are not the only costs the injuries will result in. When insurance companies offer settlements for these injuries, the compensation may only reflect the accident’s initial costs, not the long-term consequences.

If you are trying to pursue fair compensation for your injuries, you should know the cost of possible future consequences that you may experience. Understanding what may be at stake in your future can help you secure the funds you need during your pursuit of fair compensation today.

The long term effects

Serious car accidents pose a threat to the entire body and the mental state of the victim. Some consequences to these injuries can take weeks, months, or longer to appear, such as:

  • Nerve damage – traumatic brain injuries as well as joint, neck, and spine injuries all threaten to impose nerve damage in a victim. It can take a long time before numbness or loss of function to set in for a victim.
  • Permanent muscle damage – it may not always be clear how a significant injury today will appear several months or years down the road. A leg wound from a recent car accident can result in the victim suffering a permanent limp or even paralysis.
  • Severe scars or burns – like a deep wound, there is no guarantee of how well a victim will recover from superficial scars or burns. These injuries can leave a victim with permanent social and emotional difficulties.
  • Emotional trauma – if the accident or its consequences are too traumatic for a victim, they can develop many emotional injuries. Psychological injuries such as phobias of going outside or driving, mood swings or drastic changes to the victim’s weight, and even sexual dysfunction.

When a victim is pursuing compensation for the car accident that someone else is reckless or negligent behavior caused, they need to be sure they are receiving a fair settlement. A fair settlement reflects all of the accident’s consequences and not just the ones they have currently experienced.

Do not settle for less

If you were in a serious car accident, or are even currently negotiating for compensation for your injuries, Make sure you secure the best possible outcome in your settlement. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney today to discuss what you can do to maximize the compensation you receive for your injuries.


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