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High risk to pedestrians near intersections

by | May 18, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Pedestrians are vulnerable when they are sharing the road with motor vehicles. All it takes is one reckless, distracted or impaired driver to drastically change an individual’s life. This risk to pedestrians can be especially high around busy intersections.

If you walk around areas with complicated traffic patterns, congestion or high speed limits, you should understand the risk of getting in a pedestrian accident in these scenarios.

Behaviors that endanger pedestrians

When pedestrians and motor vehicles meet at an intersection, motorists may not see pedestrians crossing outside of crosswalks or walking against a Don’t Walk sign. Even when pedestrians comply with the law, drivers can hit them when they are not paying attention. And they can strike a person when they fail to look both ways before turning or entering an intersection.

Unfortunately, even when pedestrians and drivers aren’t reckless, they can get into an accident. Individuals can be difficult to see, especially as night approaches and during bad weather. 

Other risks to pedestrians

Busy intersections can be dangerous in terms of non-fatal accidents, but most fatal pedestrian accidents occur on the open road. Pedestrians could be walking on a highway after running out of gas or jogging along a residential street when a motorist strikes them. Because they are not at an intersection where people are driving slower, these open road collisions can be deadly.

Pedestrians can wear reflective clothing, comply with traffic laws and stay alert when they are on the road, but unfortunately, that will not always be enough to keep them safe.

If an accident does happen, pedestrians can hold the responsible party accountable by filing a lawsuit. Many drivers will not face criminal charges after these accidents, but pursuing a civil claim can allow victims to collect damages while also holding the negligent party responsible.

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