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Determining the factors that contributed to a truck crash

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents are often more catastrophic and complicated than accidents between passenger vehicles. There may be numerous parties with a stake in the outcome when a commercial vehicle crashes, from the individual trucker to the trucking company. And many people are not familiar with trucking regulations and practices.

Thus, it can be difficult for individuals to determine what went wrong and who is to blame after a crash. However, working with authorities and an attorney can help you unravel details and liability.

Investigative tools

Crash victims need not have all the answers themselves after an accident. Instead, police, insurance companies and attorneys can utilize various tools that can help them determine what happened.

These tools can include accident reconstructionists and investigators looking into things like hiring practices at a trucking company and driver certifications.

Further, parties can access data from logbooks, Electronic Control Module devices, surveillance equipment and cellphone records. This information can reveal whether a truck driver was distracted, impaired or in violation of federal trucking regulations.

Witness statements

Witness statements comprise another crucial component of determining the details of a crash. Witnesses could include bystanders, passengers, accident victims and others involved in the crash. These parties can have valuable knowledge, including:

  • Behaviors of drivers before the crash
  • Road conditions
  • Information about the involved parties’ responses after the crash
  • Details about the vehicles or drivers involved

Even if witnesses do not have new information, their statements could clear up discrepancies and help courts determine whether someone is not telling the truth about a crash. Thus, it is crucial to speak with witnesses after an accident.

Protecting yourself and your family after a crash

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to go up against parties in the trucking and transportation industry after a catastrophic accident. Often, these parties have a lot on the line and the resources to aggressively defend against negligence or wrongful death claims.

However, you need not face them alone. You can work with an attorney who has the knowledge and access to valuable tools to help you protect yourself and pursue the compensation you may deserve after an accident.

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