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Passengers: Where you sit in a car matters in a crash

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Several factors affect a person’s safety in a crash, from whether they wear their seat belt to how fast the other car was moving. 

Where you sit in a car also matters. Some spaces are safer than others. 

Third-row seating

The rear middle seat is one of the safest places to sit in a vehicle, particularly in front-end collisions. However, studies are looking at how third-row seats protect passengers in the event of rear-end collisions, as there is less information available for these scenarios.

But this position in a vehicle typically has the largest crush zone, and it is usually the place that is the furthest away from any possible impact points.

Child passengers

Small passengers like babies and children can be the most vulnerable in a collision because of their size. Thus, it is crucial to avoid putting them in specific spaces in a vehicle.

Children should sit in the back seat until they are at least 13 years old. And sitting in the middle of the car would be ideal. 

That said, proper restraints are just as vital as where a child sits. Depending on your child’s age, a properly worn seat belt, booster seat or car seat will be essential in protecting a child in any position of the car. 

Safety in the front

While the middle back seat of a car may be safest, there are plenty of safety features to protect adult passengers seated up front.

And in some cases, passengers may be safest up there because of airbags and if rear seats do not have seat belts that tighten in a crash. 

Protecting yourself in any seat

Your safety in a crash depends on more than where you are sitting. The point and force of impact matter, as do the precautions you have or have not taken.

Passengers wearing their seat belts are safer in an accident than those who do not. And those who are calm and allow the driver to focus on the road can be keeping everyone safer by helping the driver avoid distractions.

But there is no way to completely avoid injuries in serious accidents, especially when other parties are reckless and negligent. However, taking precautions can minimize damages and make the difference between surviving a crash and suffering catastrophic injuries.

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