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Surprising culprits that can cause a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Every driver knows to watch out for common causes of accidents, like drunk drivers, speeding and distraction. These are among the most dangerous behaviors people engage in behind the wheel, and they are routinely cited as the reasons people get hurt in a crash.

However, there are some surprising and unexpected hazards that drivers may encounter, which can also result in an accident.

  1. Grass clippings: Blades of grass and other byproducts of lawn maintenance can make roads surprisingly slippery. They can make it difficult for a car to stop quickly and cause some vehicles, like motorcycles, to lose traction. When a vehicle slides on a slippery surface, drivers can lose control and crash.
  2. Other accidents: When passing by the scene of another accident, some drivers get distracted and wind up causing a secondary crash. This is rubbernecking, and it can make people swerve out of their lane or fail to see stopped cars in front of them.
  3. Slow drivers: We know that speeding drivers can cause devastating accidents, but slow drivers can be dangerous, too. Slow drivers can impede the flow of traffic and make other motorists angry and frustrated. These circumstances can put others in danger when drivers try to get around the slow motorist or express their rage in their driving.
  4. Animals: Pets, insects and wildlife can surprise or distract drivers, causing them to lose control of a car and crash. Drivers can wind up paying more attention to their pets loose in the car than the car. They can swerve or slam on their brakes if something bites them or an animal runs in front of their vehicle.

Accidents caused by these factors may not be as common as others, but they can still be just as catastrophic.

Thus, victims of these car accidents can experience serious or fatal injuries for which they may be eligible to receive compensation. However, whether the person responsible for these crashes was negligent or reckless can be unknown without an investigation.

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