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How do burn injuries happen in auto accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Burn injuries are impactful. They may leave scarring or influence the functionality of a body part. They could change the way a person looks or feels about themselves. Extensive surgeries might be needed to correct damage to the skin, muscles and tendons.

Victims of car accidents sometimes suffer from serious burn injuries. How? There are several ways that these injuries can happen in car crashes ranging from coming into contact with corrosive or acidic chemicals to touching hot metal after the collision.

Car crashes may lead to serious burn injuries

Car crashes can, and sometimes do, cause fires, which is one of the first ways that victims may suffer burns in collisions. When a car crashes, damage may lead to a fire that is fed by gasoline or other chemicals available at the scene. If that fire gets into the cabin where the victims are trapped or waiting for help, burns may result.

Another cause of burns in a crash is steam. Hot steam may be released from inside the radiator, which can then release into the cabin or other areas of the vehicle due to damage. Fuel system leaks and electrical system failures are also possible causes of fires that could impact victims of a collision.

Burns must be taken seriously. Whether the burns are chemical burns or caused by fire and heat, it’s necessary to let the emergency technicians know before they arrive when possible. Immediate treatment includes using cold compresses, counteragents to the chemicals and other emergency treatments until the victims can be taken to a trauma unit at a local hospital.

Burn injuries are devastating for victims and their families

Burns, whether they’re moderate or severe, are likely to leave scarring and to cause other problems for victims. Disfigurement is a possibility, and the injuries could be disabling.

Those who have been involved in an auto accident and suffered from burn injuries deserve an opportunity to pursue compensation from an at-fault driver. By doing this, victims can seek compensation to help them cover the cost of medical care and long-term financial losses caused by what they’ve been through.

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