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4 types of motorcyclists you should not ride with

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Motorcycle crashes |

You’re a safe rider, but motorcycling is often a bit of a community hobby. People like to ride together, they like to talk about their bikes and they like to go to social gatherings. This is often something that you do not do alone.

Unfortunately, riding with someone else who makes a mistake can draw you into a serious accident. With motorcyclists statistically being 29 times as likely to pass away in accidents than passengers or drivers in cars, trucks and other vehicles, you have to consider your own health and safety. To that end, here are a few dangerous drivers to stay away from on the road.

The drunk driver

Your largest risk comes from riding with someone who is impaired. People don’t always know their limits. They may go to the bar with a group, have too many drinks, and then try to join the group again on the highway. Impairment is problematic for all drivers, and you want to stay far away from someone who is intoxicated.

The speed racer

Breaking the speed limit on a motorcycle is very dangerous, but there are those who want to push their bikes like they’re on the track. You don’t want to ride with someone who may be so reckless and who may lose control at any moment.

The stunt rider

Similarly, there are stunts and tricks people can do, usually on sportbikes. Examples include popping a wheelie or riding with their feet on the handlebars. There are plenty of examples of riders wiping out at the front of the group and causing a chain reaction crash, so that’s not a group you want to be part of, even when you’re safely riding at the back.

The distracted rider

Smartphone distraction isn’t just an issue in the car. A rider who can’t stay off of the phone often just has one hand on the handlebars, and they don’t have their eyes on the road. If someone rides like this all the time, it may be wise to find a new group to be part of — or just stick to riding alone.

What if you do get injured?

Unfortunately, these riders share the road with you all the time, whether you want them to or not. If one of them causes an accident that leads to serious injuries for you, or that takes the life of a loved one, you must know what legal options you have.

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