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3 things car crash survivors need to know about brain injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

A car crash could easily cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). People get shaken up when a car spins or flips over, which can cause swelling or bleeding of the brain. They might experience blunt force trauma if they strike their head on a steering wheel or a window. In the event that a vehicle explodes, the percussive force of that explosion could also cause a TBI.

Understanding that brain injuries can occur in multiple ways during a crash will make it easier for you to screen yourself and others for the warning signs of a TBI after a wreck.

What do the people who walk away from car crashes need to know about brain injuries? 

Symptoms won’t necessarily the obvious right after the crash

You cannot conclusively determine whether someone suffered a brain injury or not at the scene of a collision. Sometimes, the body’s chemical response to the crash helps hide the symptoms of a brain injury.

Other times, it takes several days for the pressure on the brain to reach a point where the symptoms are noticeable. In either case, it could be several days or even over a week before someone presents symptoms. You have to keep watching yourself and others carefully for signs of brain injury after a crash.

The symptoms come in many different forms

It can be hard for people to identify the warning signs of a TBI in part because they don’t understand how many different symptoms might actually be a warning of a brain injury.

Some people experience dizziness, headaches or nausea. Other people experience ringing in their ears, blurry vision or even difficulty falling asleep or waking up after sleep. Still others experience physical symptoms, like reduced strength or issues with motor function. Changes in personality or behavior are also somewhat common.

A person may present any of these symptoms or other, less common symptoms.

Brain injuries will cost a lot over the course of your life

A TBI is one of the most expensive possible injuries you can suffer. The treatment is often quite expensive, and many times it also has an impact on your lifelong learning potential. Over the course of a lifetime, a TBI could cost a person between $85,000 and $3,000,000.

Recognizing the possible financial losses associated with a brain injury is important when you consider a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. You have to have an understanding of the long-term impact of the injury to get the compensation you really deserve.

Knowing the basics about brain injuries can help you better protect yourself and the people you love if you get hurt in a car crash.

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