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Why angry, aggressive drivers are such a problem

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

It’s hard to say what makes someone get behind the wheel of a car and treat other drivers on the road with everything from total disregard to outright fury, but it happens. “Road rage” is a major issue in the United States.

At any given moment, you never know how many drivers around you are on the edge of losing their cool.

What causes a driver to engage in road rage?

There are definitely indications that age and gender can factor into predicting which drivers will exhibit dangerous driving behaviors. Generally speaking, younger, male drivers are more likely to be involved in road rage incidents than older, female drivers.

What turns some people into aggressive drivers and not others? Psychologists say this about people exhibit road rage:

  • They have quick tempers. Aggressive drivers are more likely to engage in hostile behavior toward other people even when they aren’t behind the wheel.
  • They are impulsive. Even when they don’t end up in a wreck, aggressive drivers are more likely to have “near-misses” or get tickets for traffic violations.
  • They like taking risks. Drivers who engage in road rage are also more likely to speed up to 20 mph over the speed limit, tailgate, run a red light or switch lanes in a rapid fashion without regard to roadway safety.
  • They often have anxiety. Some drivers may take out their frustrations with their personal and professional lives once they get behind the wheel of their cars simply because they feel relatively anonymous on the road.

If you’ve been injured by an angry, aggressive driver, it’s not right for you to bear the financial burdens from the wreck. Find out more about what it takes to make a successful claim for compensation.

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