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3 possible sources of video evidence of your car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

When car crashes occur, the person responsible often doesn’t want to admit what they did. After all, causing a wreck might mean tickets and a big claim against their insurance policy. It may be their word against yours, and the police officer making the determination of fault might have some biases that put you at a disadvantage.

For example, some people make sweeping judgments about a person’s driving ability based on their age, gender or even their race. While you were not at fault, the officer may believe the other driver more than they believe you. Your nerves or an injury could also impact how well you make your case at the scene of a crash.

Video evidence can be crucial to those dealing with a crash caused by an irresponsible and dishonest driver. There are three common sources of video footage that could help you prove you did not cause the crash.

Closed-circuit surveillance cameras operated by the city

Many different municipalities install and monitor special cameras for everything from traffic cases to criminal investigations. There are 48 such cameras scattered around Costa Mesa, and the footage that they capture could potentially help you show that the other driver lied about what happened right before your crash.

Dashboard cameras

Some drivers install dashboard cameras in their vehicles that record footage of their daily commute. While most of these cameras run and capture nothing of note, sometimes they capture the moment when another vehicle runs a red light or tries to pass you on the right and ends up causing a wreck.

If you don’t have a dashboard camera, another driver nearby might, and the footage those cameras record can conclusively show who actually caused the wreck.

Private security cameras

Businesses have used security cameras to deter criminals and protect them from liability claims for decades. Homeowners increasingly install cameras that not just monitor their homes but also their driveways because of package thieves. If any nearby businesses or property owners have outward-facing security cameras, there could be video footage of the crash or what happened right before the wreck that can help you show the other driver was ultimately to blame.

Gathering the right evidence can help you handle a complex insurance claim or civil lawsuit after a major motor vehicle collision.

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