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4 potentially fatal driving mistakes

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

When people talk about vehicle crashes, they often separate categories of road users. For example, they call motorcyclists or teenage drivers irresponsible and dangerous. Or label mothers on the school run as distracted and truckers as people in charge of death machines.

The truth is that anyone in charge of a vehicle can cause a crash, and the reasons tend to be the same no matter what vehicle people are driving.

All road users need to act in ways that do not endanger others

Here are four things all road users must avoid:

  1. Continuing when tired: Commercial drivers are often singled out as the most likely to drive while exhausted because they drive so much. For others, non-road-related factors such as working overtime in a warehouse or being up all night feeding the baby may make them just as tired and dangerous.
  2. Operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Many people continue to drive when over the legal limit or after consuming drugs. Even if someone is under the legal limit for alcohol, it still reduces safety.
  3. Failing to pay attention: Some people get distracted by physical things, such as phones or sandwiches. Others get lost in their thoughts and fail to notice what is happening around them.
  4. Ignoring the rules of the road: The order traffic laws bring allows road users to make accurate predictions about what another driver will do next. When someone breaks the rules, it surprises others and makes a crash more likely.

If someone injures you in a crash, they probably did one of the four things above. Getting legal help to find out which will help you get the compensation you need.

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